“I hope this finds you well. I wanted to take a moment to share my feedback regarding the Coding Bootcamp! I really enjoyed the event, I went in to it not knowing much about coding, and while I didn’t come out speaking java fluently, I did gain the confidence to continue learning independently. Before I had heard about the bootcamp I had sought free coding resources online and has always been stumped before I even began, unable to make sense of it I would just give up, and put it off until I got around to taking the Intro to Programming Class. With the basics that I learned in bootcamp I have continued to challenge myself to learn independently. This summer I volunteered at a Coding/Programming Summer Camp, and now I work for an after school program teaching elementary school students how to code with easy drag-and-drop softwares, such as Scratch.  Bootcamp was a great experience and I look forward to participating in more WIT events in the future!” – C. Greene
“I would like to thank you for being a great leader in the WIT bootcamp event. I’ve learn so much from it, I been missing everyone in the bootcamp so much, they are really nice and friendly, I made so much more friends at the bootcamp than at campus, I’ve noticed some familiar face I saw around campus, but never got chance to talk with, WIT bootcamp brought us together and introduced these amazing peoples to me. It feels great being around peoples in the same field because we had so many things in commons and they could understand what I was talking about. It was very sad to wake up the next morning and knowing that the WIT bootcamp has ended.
The intro to programing level session  have helped me so much with my programing skills. I’ve taken AP Computer Science in High School, but I never really understand it until I got in WIT bootcamp, everything starts to make sense. The student assistants are so awesome and nice, I remembered all of their names and faces. They helped me look through all the programing problems, they were carefully explained the technique to  solve the problems when I have question, they alway ask me if I was doing fine with my codes. I totally love the guest speakers, they’re very nice and having so much experience in the field, though their speechs, they helped me getting closer to the path that I am following. I am feeling confident of taking my programing course in the fall. Again, thank you for always being there for us.”
“Everything helped me, I now understand programming more and how I can use different things to get out into the IT world.”

“It allowed me to have an insight on programming for the first time ever, and got me to see the

“I found the tour of Sage to be the most useful to me about this boot camp. I felt that being in the actual workforce helped me to focus on what I would like to do when I graduate from GGC. It was really engaging knowing what jobs Sage offers, and how I could do the same.”
“I learnt a lot about programing and I will be taking intro to programming next semester so I am really glad about this boot camp. It was also a great way to meet other women and peers that were interested in the same thing as me.”
“This workshop helped ease my fears of programming. I thought the idea of programming was overwhelming, this boot camp helped me “face that fear.””
“Everything. When I started the boot camp I found programming very difficult to understand and the logic slightly annoying. After the boot camp, I am now open to different situations and problems that involve programming.”
“Interacting. interacting with faculty, students, student assistants, the programming, android programming”
“Overall, the boot camp was a wonderful and educational experience. The field trip to Sage was very useful, because it gave me an insight on all the possible career opportunities available in the IT Industry. The resume workshop was indeed helpful as well, I was able to get my resume revised. In addition, I was able to broaden my network with GGC IT professors, Sage IT Professionals, and GGC women IT students.”