Students participated in a total of ten programming sessions that were spread out over the course of three days. Below is an overview of what they learned each day.

Day 1 – Introduction to Java, Representations, and Objects

  • Java Coding tools used – Dr. Java, Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java language
  • Variables and assigning values
  • Arithmetic and Concatenation Operators
  • Using primitive types and their representation

Day 2 – Introduction to Methods, Loops, and Arrays

  • Introduce Objects with Turtle Graphics to draw simple designs
  • Methods reuse and simplify code (Using Turtle objects and shapes)
  • Passing parameters to the methods
  • Object methods and classes
  • Comments vs. code and JavaDoc Comments

Day 3 – Working with Loops

  • Loops are used to simplify coding the same action (while loops and for loops)
  • Make Turtle designs using loops
  • Selection to provide conditional code branching
  • If-else excercises

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